Condo Address



AKUMAL, Q. ROO 77760

Leaving the Airport: Ask for directions to Hwy 307 South to Akumal at the car rental. There is only one road that exits the Cancun airport. As you leave you will pass a number of billboards and approach HWY 307 and an overpass. The road you take to Akumal IS NOT marked!! The on ramp to your right BEFORE the overpass goes to Akumal and the Riviera Maya. There may be signs for Chetumal and Tulum. Go SOUTH towards Tulum. It should take you approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes to reach Akumal. We suggest setting your odometer so you can check it from time to time.
You may want to stop in Playa Del Carmen and get groceries at the Chedraui (large supermarket) or Sams which are on the left side of 307 on the south end of Playa Del Carmen. There is a new super market called Sorrianos that is on the right hand side of 307 at the south end of Playa Del Carmen (Just south of Sams)

The turn for Akumal will be between kilometer marker 255 and 254. Watch for a sign that says Xelha 10 km. Immediately past this sign is another sign for Playa Akumal. When you get close you will want to get stay in the left hand lane. Take the turnaround to go north on 307 which is just past the entrance to Akuaml on the other side of the divided highway. Get in the right hand lane as quickly as possible and then make a right into Akumal. You should see two large white walls with Club Akumal Caribe painted on them. This is the entrance to Akumal.

Travel down the road until you reach the main gate to Akumal. You can typically just pass through the gate slowing down for the big speed bump, but if the guard stops you, just tell him that you have a reservation at Lol Ka'naab Condos and he will let you pass. He might not speak English so just motion over to the left like you know where you are going. Once inside, stay on the main road. You will pass by a few restaurants and the Ecological center to your right as your heading to Half Moon Bay.

Parking is located in front of the building.


Ways to Get to Akumal


If you arrive in Cancun, there are several ways to get you to Akumal.

Cancun to Playa Del Carmen - Akumal (~60 minutes traveling time).

1. Rent a car from the airport.

2. Airport Transfer. There will be airport transfer buses and they charge per person. You can take this directly to Akumal. The wait depends on the number of people traveling and times. As you exit the airport, there is a ticket booth where you purchase your tickets to your destination. There will be people by the exit doors to help you. There are private services where you can book in advance and have them wait for you

3. Taxi. There are no regular taxis at the airport. If you want to take a taxi, you have to get out of the airport by either taking an airport transfer to the bus terminal or walk out far enough to catch a taxi who is dropping someone off.

4. Bus from the Cancun Bus Terminal. First you have to take an airport transfer to the bus terminal. Catch the bus to Playa Del Carmen and then transfer to a bus to Akumal. Tell the bus driver to let you know when it's Akumal. Last bus from Cancun to Playa Del Carmen departs around 10pm.

Cancun Bus Terminal
Address: Tulum & Uxmal Av.
Tel: 88-41378/88-43948
Playa Del Carmen Bus Terminal
Address: Juarez Con 5A Av.
Tel: 87-30109